Becoming a member of Toolshed Exchange is a simple process of creating an account using the form above. You can then follow the instructions to change your request to a Basic Membership with a membership fee of your choosing. Membership is based on a sliding scale donation. We leave it up to members to decide what they can manage, what the library is worth to them, and what they think is fair—but we offer as a guide the suggested donation of one dollar for every thousand dollars of annual income. We respect our members’ privacy and do not require any proof of income—instead relying on good faith participation in an honor system.

Member fees help us get the tools you want, maintain the tools we already have, and pay staff and manage volunteers to keep the library open—without having to rely completely on the shifting budgets and priorities of governmental and philanthropic organizations. Members also will receive benefits like access to special events or discounts on workshops or other programming, the ability to vote on new tool acquisitions, and a collective say on the future of the tool library. Need more info? Try our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us with any questions or concerns.

The secure signup form embedded below is from myTurn, the app we use for inventory and member management, designed specifically for tool borrowing, "library of things" proects, and in use by hundreds of libraries across the world. If you do not see the form below, you can also sign up and browse the catalog directly by opening the Toolshed myTurn page in a new browser tab.