Summer 2024

June: Knotweed Papermaking Workshop

July 13: Streambank Stewards Day, Catskills site

September 14: Toolshed at Climate Carnival w/ Repair Cafe

November 9: Toolshed at Catskill Repair Cafe

Workshops coming soon! Sign up for updates below.

Project Streambank

This new ecological restoration project, in collaboration with Greene County Soil & Water Conservation District and Deurendis, supports critical riparian ecosystems by removing itadori (aka “Japanese knotweed”) and planting varieties of the Salix genus (willow), while exploring experimental uses of both plants through a network of designers, craftspersons, artisans, and producers. We aim to show that effective long-term knotweed management can become self-sustaining and scalable through innovative uses of plant biomass in local circular economies, while restoring riparian buffers, sequestering carbon, and helping communities become more resilient. See more info here, and join our next Community Stewards Day on Saturday July 13 2024 in the beautiful Great Northern Catskills!

Repair Cafe events

A Repair Cafe is a free community event, where you bring your broken but beloved items and together with volunteer repair coaches, we fix them! And even if they can’t be fixed, we have a good time trying. Toolshed has partnered with Repair Cafe Columbia County Northeast, offering our tools and fixing expertise, as well as hosting tool donation dropoffs, to events in the collaborating towns of New Lebanon, Chatham, Austerlitz, and Easy Nassau.