Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the library and borrow tools?

You can join online or in person! Want to print out your forms before coming in? Read our Member Agreement and Liability Waiver and bring them on your first visit.

What are your hours?

The tool library is currently open for in-person pickups and dropoffs Saturdays 10am–1pm and Mondays 5–7pm. These hours may change depending on demand, capacity, and season. The catalog and reservation system is available online 24/7. We answer emails outside of those hours and you can contact us anytime.

Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment, but we recommend it. The online loan reservation system asks you to choose from a limited number of time slots in which to pick up your tools during open hours. If you can, please choose an appointment window and try to stick to it. Appointments will be prioritized over walk-in tool borrowers. We’re trying to do our part to help manage the threat still posed by COVID-19 for sensitive populations and hospital and caregiving infrastructure. This also helps our limited staff keep wait times to a minimum.

How many tools can I borrow?

Members may borrow up to 7 tools for a period of one week.

How do I renew tools?

Tools can be renewed once, allowing a maximum 2 week borrowing period. To renew, login to MyTurn, click on ‘Loans’ and then click ‘Renew’ for any items you want to renew. The renew option will only appear after half of your loan period (4 days) has passed. You can also contact us by email or phone to renew. If tools are already late when you contact us to renew, you are still responsible for late fees from original due date until then, and your tools will still be due 1 week from the original due date.

What if my tools are returned late?

Late fees are $1 per day per tool—even on days we are closed because someone else could be using them. These are shared tools, and someone else may have reserved them, so please respect your fellow members and return all tools on time! Late fees are capped at the value of the tool. When tools are 60 days late, members will be given 1 week to return them before membership is potentially revoked and a replacement fee may be charged.

Can I reserve tools?

Yes, but you must use MyTurn for all reservations. (Just click ‘Reserve’ to add items in the catalog, select your reservation dates, and click the cart icon at the top to finish the process and submit your reservation.) And please remember to return tools on time—another member may have reserved them!

Can you show me how to use a tool?

Of course! Please don’t hesitate to ask one of our librarians, as long as there is not another person waiting to be helped. There are no stupid questions and many of us started here as new tool users! Most of the tools also have manuals linked in their descriptions, and we are also developing our own physical and digital library of tool manuals.

What if the tool I borrowed is broken, or if it breaks while I am using it?

Please notify us as soon as possible, and return the tool so we can fix it! You may be asked to pay a fee if the tool was broken from misuse.

Do you provide consumables?

Things like saw blades, drill bits, and sandpaper are not usually provided, but sometimes you get lucky if they are  leftover from other members. We recommend you buy these things from a local store like Williams Lumber, Herrington’s, or a few blocks away at Rogerson’s. 


What is sliding scale membership?

We suggest that you pay at least $1 for every $1,000 a year that you make. Example, if you make $30,000 a year, you'd pay at least $30 for your annual membership. There is no additional fee to borrow tools—only small fees if they are returned late.

Do I need to show proof of income?

No, it is an honor system. 

Do I have to live in Hudson to become a member?

No, membership is open to all surrounding counties, covering roughly the same areas where the Mid-Hudson Library System library cards are accepted: Columbia, Greene, Ulster, Putnam, and Dutchess counties. If you’re far from Hudson, contact us to help start a tool library closer to you.

Do memberships automatically renew?

No, you will receive several emails when your membership is about to expire and you can renew online here, call or email, or renew in person. There is an option in MyTurn to allow your membership to auto-renew if you have a credit card on file.

Even if you have finished your big project, and don’t think you will use us much this year, by supporting us annually you help to sustain a robust resource for everyone and ensure that we’ll have what you need when you DO need us again!

Do you offer Group Memberships?

We only offer Group Memberships for local nonprofit organizations. Contact us to learn more. Due to liability reasons, each individual in a household, group, or company that wishes to borrow and use our tools must have their own membership.

Can I cancel my membership?

Memberships are set to renew annually on the date you first signed up. At that time, you can decide again what donation amount feels right for you. If you decide you no longer want to use the library, you can cancel at any time.


Do you accept tool donations?

Yes, we accept most tools in good working condition! Read more about donations on our Donation page.

Do you accept volunteers?

Yes, we accept volunteer librarians, tool fixers, class instructors, as well as people to help with workshops and special events. Read more about volunteering on our Volunteers page, or email

Are you hiring?

Yes, beginning July 2021 we are looking for a head librarian who is based and strongly rooted in Hudson. Please contact us to inquire about open positions.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes! Click HERE to buy a Gift Membership or a Custom Amount, or visit in person and we can set something up for you.

How can I start a tool library in my own city or neighborhood?

[resources coming soon]