Toolshed Exchange is a tool lending library that provides Hudson-area residents access to tools and training, promoting a culture of collective stewardship and empowering neighbors to build and maintain more resilient and equitable communities.

We are located at 110 South Front Street in Hudson, New York, on the campus of our generous partner Basilica Hudson. Look for the friendly green trailer pictured here. We lend tools free-of-charge to members and membership is sliding scale. (Click here to learn more about membership.) We will also be hosting workshops and educational opportunities!


Our main goal is to become an infrastructure for sharing that supports the good work already happening in Hudson and the broader Hudson Valley. To that end, our role is to listen closely to our members, to the broader community, and to our partners, to determine needs. Like a multi-use tool, the tool library can do a variety of things, depending on what’s needed. Here are just some of the things we hope Toolshed Exchange will be used for:

  • Education— supporting skillsharing and training in practical applications
  • Workforce development—offer support for small, independent entrepreneurs and cooperatives, or training that can lead to employment
  • Community empowerment—individuals and communities can accomplish more with shared assets, and things you didn’t know you could do until you had the tools to do it
  • Resilience—bank of quickly deployable tools to meet unexpected needs
  • Equity—makes tools affordable and accessible to those who need them most


The Toolshed Exchange is the tool sharing arm of a larger project called “Toolshed,” focused on gathering and sharing a variety of tools, from traditional “tools” to other technologies, knowledges, and cultural practices. Founded by Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris (Sayler/Morris), and housed at Basilica Hudson, Toolshed also includes a books & media library, online journal, sponsored projects, exhibitions, and related programming. In collaboration with Sayler/Morris and with the consultation of several community groups, the Toolshed Exchange tool library was initiated in 2020 by Timothy Furstnau, who serves as its first librarian.


Partners are local nonprofit groups and community organizations who we support with tools and trainings. We are open to many kinds of collaboration. Is there a way a tool library might support your work? Get in touch.


Volunteers help keep Toolshed’s doors open, its tools in good working order, and its workshops running smoothly. They may also help with translation and making sure all parts of the community know about the resources Toolshed provides. We are actively seeking volunteers for the following positions:


Volunteer librarians do not need experience with tools, but should be passionate about our mission and values. They may help members with checkouts, renewals, class registrations, and questions.

Tool Fixers

Tool fixers have experience with tools and a little bit of fix-it know-how, and they work independently to help maintain our inventory in good working order.

Class Instructors

Do you have an idea for a class you could teach? Expertise in a certain building trade, craft, or other jobs or hobbies? We’d love to provide a venue for you to share your knowledge with others.

Event Volunteers

Event volunteers help keep all events running smoothly, whether it’s annual Tool Donation Drive, regular Fix-It Fairs, workshops, or other events. All you need is a good attitude and a willingness to help.